Lucky patcher: Download paid android apps for free



Appcake is an application that is available only on ios devices and lets you install the apps that were available to you for some amount of penny  but now you can easily access them with appcake.the most important feature that is present in this is you cannot  access it without jailbreak and then download bunch of apps for free,it even lets you install cracked IPA files.


Compatibility test

Appcake cannot be installed on the iOS device which is not jailbroken. are the developers for Appcake, for jailbroken Cydia enabled iOS Devices. So simply follow the steps to successfully install Appcake on your iOS device.

§  For  installing this, you need to get the Appcake Repo, for which Jailbreaking is essential. So make sure you jailbreak your iOS device to get this Repo.

§  As  you jailbreak your device, be sure enough that you have Cydia Installer in your iOS device. This is important.

§  Perform  small checks first, by finding  Cydia on your iOS device, and once you find Cydia installed on your device, you can go ahead and now install Appcake on your iOS Device.


Another similar application to appcake is Vshare app is a very useful app to have on your Apple device considering the stream of features that it offers to its users, the biggest of which is the ability to get paid apps for free. I cannot stress more and as you will understand, this is a feature that is beyond our thinking and yet vShare offers that. vShare also provides exchange of apps, games, music, and even videos over a wifi connection at super fast speeds. It also supports the download of apps that have been cracked.

How to use jailbreak your ios device

1.make a connection of your ios device with a computer by a USB cable.

 2.ios device will be displayed in on that.

 3. Click on “File” at the top of iTunes, then point to “Devices.”

 4.Tap on “back up”

  5.Shut iTunes after the app has successfully backed up your iOS device.

 6. Download and install jailbreaking software for your iOS device based on its firmware version

 7. Launch the jailbreak software, then follow the instructions to jailbreak your device using the software. When jailbreaking is complete, Cydia will display in the app tray.  

8.Relaunch iTunes when the jailbreaking software informs you jailbreaking was successful performed.


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